Your style is simply being undeniably, unapologetically you.

(But, the clothes are an awesome plus!)

carson loveYour story and my story aren’t that different.

I spent years chasing one trend, then another, thinking, “yes! I’ve found my style,” only to lose it when the next trend came along. My clothes were always “in fashion,” but my style was defined by external factors – friends, trends, fads.

I thought I found my style in flared jeans, then in cowboy boots, then in grungy tops paired with ripped jeans and Converses. But none of these fads gave me the alignment of personality, confidence and purpose I was looking for.

It’s easy to find temporary style in the trends, fads and fashions that flash through each season, but what I’ve found is those fads are simply distractions.

For so long, my style wasn’t an outward reflection of who I truly was…

But as I grew in my own personality, as I educated myself in fashion and as I studied for a degree in fashion merchandising and marketing, I came to understand the meaning and purpose of style.

Style is all about becoming undeniably, unapologetically you.

It’s telling the world at first glimpse just who you are. It’s leading, dreaming and working on a firm foundation of self-love, passion and confidence.

It’s about showing up and showing the world who you truly are, from the inside out.

See, what I found through my years of chasing trends, fads and the styles of others was this: the only person that matters when you’re looking to impress – is you.